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My name is Charlotte Lynn Dearborn.

These writings are a outlet to my creativity. This website is dedicated to bringing my work to you. It is an on going production...So many writers do not have a way for people to contact them, and I have always felt that to be a gross oversite. For is writing not for everybody, not just the author? I have offered my contact information, just so I can get feedback from my readers, be it good or bad. So, for now, happy reading everyone!

I hope you enjoy your visit.

My Stories

The Magical Miracle(soon to be released on the bookstands)A young girl learns the family secret . . .She is a witch! trying to get her brother to help her, a brother she had barely met, they go on a rescue mission to get their parents released from the evil clutches of the Head Witch of the Witches Council....

Mystery Island(working title) my next book in progress is about a family of five: the father is an archeologist, mother is a botonist, and the children who are 12, 9 and 4 who are just itching to follow in their parents footsteps... go to a island in search of the truth of how the resident tribe disappeared some 130 years ago....

FUTURE BOOKS...I will be continuing the series on the archeology family. They will be going to such places as Egypt, treasure hunting, dinosaur hunting, South America, and all over the world.

FUTURE SERIES...I will also be writing a series on a family that goes to the waters of the entire world, searching for treasure. They will find sunken boats, lost treasures, sunken cities, and have lots of adventures along the way.

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As a lot of you are aware, authors are in need of ideas and input from their peers, and I am just like the rest of them. I would appreciate any comments, good and bad. It helps to build my writing.
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Please bear with me as this site is constantly improved...things added....things taken off....I aim to keep this site interesting for all...

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